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Uus Maa’s appraisal report is accepted by all financial institutions

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Real estate appraisal takes 1 – 3 days

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An evaluation of the dwelling is usually conducted within 1-3 days. To do this, the expert must familiarize themselves with the rooms; conduct a discussion with the evaluation committee and a valuation of the issue report. The exact dates of assessment need to be negotiated in advance with the appraiser.

When assessing rooms, an appraiser must follow the standard EVS 875 and the valuation report must be issued in accordance with the Code of Real Estate Appraisers of Estonia. Typically, finished valuations must follow the form of standard valuation report or, if a client wants, it may be in the form of an experts opinion or it can be issued as a brief assessment conclusion.

We were the first ones in the early 2001 on the Estonian real estate market, who started to issue valuation reports in an electronic form. As a result of a collaboration between banks and Real Estate Companies, there was a direct information link formed, providing complete confidentiality of clients data. Latest encryption technology and electronic signatures were employed.

This service allows faster, easier and cheaper get the necessary property valuation in order to get a housing loan. On customer’s request we send our valuation report to a bank electronically, therefore saving our client’s time and money.

Appraisal process

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    If necessary, we will ask you any further questions
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    We will tell you the estimated value of the property orally
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    Uus Maa appraiser visits your property
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    We carry out comparative analysis of the property and the region
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    We create a written real estate appraisal

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