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Uus Maa Kadriorg

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What we do

Commercial real estate

Meie meeskonnas on ärikinnisvarale keskendunud eksperdid, kes omavad ulatusliku kontaktivõrgustiku Tallinnas ja Harjumaal.

Residential real estate

Ulatuslik kontaktivõrgustik ja rahulolevad klientidid, võimaldavad leida nii ostjaid kui müüjaid erakordse kiirusega.

Real estate evaluation

Uus Maa Kadriorg professionaalne meeskond hinnastab Sinu elu- või äripinna ja seda täiesti tasuta!


All of our services

  • Consulting

    We offer both buying and selling consulting and investment consulting.

    Read more: consulting
  • Real estate evaluation

    Uus Maa real estate evaluation is accepted by all financial institutions.

  • Renting real estate

    Our brokers will help you quickly find the right tenant for your property.

  • Buying real estate

    Uus Maa Kadriorg brokers will help you find a buyer for your real estate quickly.

  • Selling real estate

    Our brokers will assist you throughout the sales process.

Uus Maa brokers

All our brokers have completed a comprehensive training program and share the important values of the UUS MAA. Cooperation between different brokers as well as cities is daily.

In addition to a high level of competence, all UUS MAA team members share the same values, which always focus on customer satisfaction.

Ask from the day broker.

Uus Maa Kadriorg

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